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Get yourself unique award winning Click2knot 2 Knot Tying Tool and other Spinmade Strong2Hold fishing accessories. We offer high quality Fishing lines, Split rings, Rolling swivels, Snaps etc.

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Click2Knot 2 released 2014!

New Click2Knot 2 makes a RELIABLE Uni-knot in 0.25 - 0.41 mm / 0.0098" - 0.0161" fishing lines. Your lures will move as they're designed to. Click2Knot 2 is ultimately helping you to CATCH FISH. Get yourself Spinmade Click2Knot 2 with improved performance and enjoy fishing! Now!

The original award winning Click2Knot makes a Uni-knot in 0.30 - 0.40 mm / 0.012" - 0.016" fishing lines.

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Click2knot received "Prix Spécial du Jury" (special Jury Prize), which is the most valued prize of the Salon Européen des Pêches en Mer de Nantes show in France 03/2010. This is the second time Click2knot has designated as the best new product. The first win can be a production of luck but when you get it the second time you can be sure the product is unique.

1. PRIZE !!!

Spinmade Click2knot is nominated Europe´s finest - best new accessory! The Prize was given at the Europe´s largest fishing tackle trade exhibition EFTTEX 2008 in Rome, Italy.

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